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    I enjoyed your article on this topic but my brother is deep in a twin flame cult and it happened quite differently. These people had tons of free meetings and were extremely friendly. They talked about the joy of reuniting with your twin flame…

    About 6 months later they told him he should consult with an energy consultant which he did at a very high fee. He makes a lot of money and everything is now going to this group.

    They told him that his family was blocking some of the energy and that he should avoid them. I am now terrified that after over 2 years with this group I may never get him back.

    He is so depressed I am actually thinking that he may have a nervous breakdown or worse.

    Has anyone been in my shoes? I want to help my brother so much but I feel powerless.

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    1. Hmmm...
      March 14, 2016 at 3:11 pm

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not a place to get help. The purpose of this website is to post anonymous letters. If maybe people on here would actually put logic into their thinking before commenting…than it would be fine. Most will not respond to a letter pleading or asking for help, assistance in an issue exc. The people who do respond are like wanderers of the website. They constantly think that the author is addressing the letter to them personally. And wait each day for another letter that might just might (even though statistically the chances of any one letter to be intended for them is highly unlikely) be a letter for them from their object of obsession. Yes, object of obsession. That is how crazy and desperate these people are. So please post this on ANY other website, because these people are out of their mind.

    2. Peter C
      March 14, 2016 at 5:00 pm

      Troubling. You don’t say why he is so depressed, do you think it is linked to the involvement with this group, or unrelated?

      All exclusionary groups (especially cults) function by expounding a set of beliefs that offer refuge; refuge from feelings of loneliness or alienation, refuge from personal pain and anguish. They usually offer THE answer to complex issues, combined with an immediate inclusion into a caring support group. You can feel loved, understood, cared for, embraced. And then, gradually, the exclusion part kicks in. Exclusion from those who think differently, exclusion from anyone who is not part of the group. They don’t think like us, they can damage your inner tranquility, you’re at risk of losing whatever the group offers. And finally, the sense of certainty. None of these groups are tentative – they are all definitive – this is definitely THE one right answer for you. And so these groups are hostile to anything which questions the one right answer. So – not surprising they have found a reason why he should avoid contact with his family, it’s part of the formula.

      Many people do leave after about two years of their own accord. They outgrow the strictures of the group, or they become suspicious after too many differences between what is said and what is done. There used to be a belief that interventions were the way to go to rescue people, but that has fallen out of favor. A bungled intervention can damage a person and relationships more than staying in the cult.

      So then what do you do? You are concerned about your brother, about him being scammed, and about ever getting him back. There are people and even websites that specialize in this, but there are a few simple steps. One – learn about this twin flames thing. You’re trying to reduce the barriers between you and your brother that the group may have erected. Study (remotely) what it is about. Two – continue to be supportive and connected, even if you don’t support his choice. The more he feels you will always be there, and non-judgmental, the more he will continue to trust you. This goes both ways – if you actively dis on his group, you give him easy proof that the group is right about outsiders being against them all. And three – build trust and safety. Act loving, sane & rational and he will strengthen the bridge between you. Eventually, an opportunity will arise and if the bridge is strong enough, he will cross over.

      I know it’s easy to say and hard to do – but by doing something that feels constructive and helpful you will also be helping yourself. Start by starting. I wish you a lot of luck and results.

      Peter C

    3. Hmmm...
      March 15, 2016 at 12:23 pm

      Maybe you right maybe they like to vent their thoughts instead of at their person to gain insight maybe just maybe they don’t want your help maybe they do have help real help maybe they have met many here maybe you know very little Maybe you have it all wrong. maybe you should listen to your own words maybe yes your obseesion is your opinion maybe your just as bad

    4. Indica
      March 16, 2016 at 2:11 am

      That sounds so awful!

      How can he be helped or protected?

    5. L
      March 4, 2017 at 10:13 pm

      This is rather similar to many who deal with this horrible little game some asshole started. Originally this belief was actually centered on one’s self and not the prospect meeting your ‘other half’. Originally this teaching was about finding an inherent balance in one’s self.

      There are groups. And they work much like how you described. In fact. There’s an article online that mentions a rather successful man being taken advantage much like this.

      My advice is that right now he may be deep in thier beliefs and the depression is only sign of his incoming mental undoing. Eventually they will try to break his psyche to the point he’ll be nothing but a drone really. That or he may come to his senses and subsequently be exiled for it. You especially need be careful at that point as he may feel betrayed and lost. You need to be with him in this moment. However as long as he believes strongly in thier beliefs pulling him away from the people in general.

      Yes. This has become a cult movement. Yes it is very dangerous.

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