• Replete

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    Hear me now
    hear me clear.
    Look up! look up!
    Declamations drifting in to the unknown maybe to be drown out by unacquainted souls.
    It matters not…
    The moons still pass, sometimes shining a salubrious light replete with hope and affirmation.
    The changing form, enchanting in its effortless wonder.
    Surrounded by the void echoless space.
    Which spreads
    And spreads
    And spreads
    as if there is no end
    Just a glimmer left
    a glimpse of former glory.
    But as the old moon takes it leave, it shall not be forgotten for even in those darkest of days it lives on.
    It will prevail
    It will prevail to cast it’s message once more…

    And so to the words….
    Even as this day fades you fade not from my mind. You must know, never has a day past when I have not wanted to see your face.
    Dear one,
    Until our next day.


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