• Really? Mr. D?

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    Really?Mr. D?
    By: truefake
    Of all the memories you left,
    Indeed! You’re a timeless attention theft
    And now, we again met
    You are a man from my past
    Not until now,
    I raise my hands politely,
    Asking Mr. D,
    Why, how?
    He kept his silence
    Was this coincidence?
    Those little arguments,
    Was that just about British accents?
    We’ve known each other for years,
    Absolutely! You know my fears,
    Even if I zipped it,
    Pretty sure you’ll guess it.
    Remember every time we hear that man sings,
    Oh, his dissonant voice
    But leaves us no choice
    Suddenly you’re mind rings.
    You never ran out of topic
    Nor any of your critique
    I had never experienced a dull moment
    For every minute is worth the spent
    You always give me that unique information,
    Turns me to total confusion,
    Leaves my mind a big mark of question,
    And “Google” is the left solution.
    Our “under the star” walks,
    Our silly “what if” talks,
    We had much fun together,
    I wish that time would stuck here forever.
    Oops! 7:00 PM. It’s time.
    We should not cross the line,
    The show is over,
    She’s calling you to be with her,
    And now, he’s fetching me.
    Oh, all those happy memories,
    Now, I must end my fantasy,
    Everything about you and me,
    And face the challenge of our reality.
    Now, I know what Mr. Destiny wants us to be:

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