• Dear Mom

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    Dear Mom.
    I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while now… for numerous reasons. Many which I know will seem very childish and selfish, but matter very much to me. One question that burns in my brain is why? Why do you act as if you hate me? I cannot remember the last time a day passed and I didn’t hear the ever growing list of why I am the biggest disappointment to ever enter your life. I’m stupid, I’m useless, I always have to smile and say ‘Yes mother, of course, anything you say.’ Why can I not be myself? Why am I not allowed to cry? Why is it your default course of action violence? Its only a matter of time until you kill me if this continues. I’m tired of being choked, I’m tired of being punched, and I’m sick to death of having to explain away bruises to my friends. It hurts when I lie to them so Jaxon and I don’t get split to other ends of the country. You have no idea what it feels like, constantly hearing at school how I’m supposed to be self-confident and independent, but not be able to unable to do so because all I ever hear is how irrelevant I am.
    I’m Sorry,
    The Accident You Never Wanted.

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