• lend me your ears

    by  • March 11, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I don’t have any problems in my life..when one is left alone no one to call it’s own other than parents who will create problem….my problem is me..myself..I wanted to love everyone had a desire to keep them close without letting them go ever from my life but the irony is they feel either they are overdosed or deprived hence nothing works so problem is not my loved ones problem is- I can’t balance..he did not leave me but didn’t want to share any bonding with me .we have signed an adjustment deal. I know i have let down so have to accept no options left..same with you I gave everything I had literally ruined myself yet can’t derive peace neither have your hand on mine though I feel am held tight but is this life when everything is based on hypothesis ..problem is I can’t keep love ,might be my expectations are sky high and in this process I ruin the existing..

    Tear drops are my relief when heart becomes heavy I just lock myself and cry silently ..I am a curse who ever comes near get burn .I don’t understand why everything falls in wrong place where am concerned just let me know where I fail..I falter so that I can rectify myself and at least I can hear some soul saying she deserved but she didn’t achieve and the fault lies not in her but understandings. I hope I see my light..

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