• Dear Rob

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    I know when I finished it this time I didn’t ask for your feelings or your opinion. I guess I just needed to do it, finish it before I changed my mind … which I may well have done going by past experience. So this is my final letter to you on here, I’ve posted a few over the years … some will have been obviously from me, some maybe not, though you may or may not have seen them. You introduced me to this site (don’t know whether you remember that or not, we were both pretty drunk that night!)
    I will never regret or forget any of our times together, I have a huge amount of gratitude for you and what you have given me over the years. You are so special to me and I really hope you know that. You made life bearable for a long time and I fell really deeply in love with you.
    I can’t possibly go over all the amazing times we have had together in one letter, it would do it an injustice if I tried to.
    I really hope you see this letter and know just how much you mean to me, even if I can’t bring myself to send it to you directly. As we have often said, we are at very different points in our lives … I still wish we could have met at the same point. I don’t think you are happy deep down and I hope that one day you allow yourself to be happy without obligation to anyone else … to stop feeling that you have to make others happy before yourself.
    I love you, totally, unconditionally and I always will do.
    Thank you for showing me this site, it has given me a lot of comfort and hope over the last 4 years. But I need to move on now and leave this and you behind.
    Love always xxx

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