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    You keep popping up in my thoughts. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a letter. I do check this site out every once and again, just to view the letters, and see what’s going on. I use to read these letters and think they were all for me from you, Lol.
    I do believe you write letters here, well because you got on to me about using your nickname on this site. Only you would have known that was a nickname, no one else would have picked up on it. I do miss you bunches, I still love you. Its not a feeling someone can just shut off. I don’t know why you decided to walk away from our relationship but I can see how it was probably for the best. I was falling deeper and deeper in love with you as time went on. I don’t think you fell for me so hard, you were able just to shut your feelings off. I do understand you were committed to someone else, I had accepted that when we had gotten together, but as time went on I was becoming more uneasy about it. I guess you could say I was the jealous type, I just didn’t show it I guess. I also was involved with someone, not committed, just involved. If I could have it my way we would still be together you and I. I fell for you hard and fast, I don’t know how that happened. I sometimes find myself thinking about what a life with you would be like. I can be pretty creative, we even have a white picket fence and a dog, LMFAO. I have fantasies about us. One of my favorites is…….. You standing at the kitchen sink, I walk up behind you and pin you up against the counter with my body up against your back. I start smelling and kissing your neck. I can feel your breathing getting heavy and see the goosebumps form all over you. Your eyes roll to the back of your head. I start kissing your ear and I say ” —— you feel soooo good. You turn around and we start kissing hard. We start taking off each others clothes. We are aching and wanting each other so bad, “I had missed you all day while I was at work, ready to come home to you”. I lift you up onto the counter. Your legs wide open ” your so wet, and so am I”. You grab me and pull me in closer, kissing harder and deeper. You start moaning and you say my name! I start to kiss your neck as your rubbing your wet all over my breasts. I work my way down to your breasts and start sucking your nipple and rubbing it on my lips. You grab my hair, your rubbing up against me harder. I start kissing your stomach. ” I am so ready to taste you, you smell soooo good. I work my way to your inner thighs, now your rubbing that wet pussy on my cheek as I kiss those inner thighs. You grab the cabinet door with one hand and my head with the other. I look up and your eyes are shut, nipple hard, goosebumps everywhere, your breathing so hard. ” I am looking at the most beautiful woman in the world right now! I feel so much passion, my body is numb, and every parr of me trembles. I want you so bad it hurts”. I start licking your wet, savoring the flavor like its my last meal. As I stick my tongue inside of you, you start biting your lip and forcing my tongue to go deeper, your wet all over my face, you pull me up to you and we start kissing hard and deep! I want you inside of me. I need it, my body is wanting you so much. I pull you down off the counter and we get onto the floor. No time to make it to the bed. I straddle your leg, you straddle mine. You put your fingers in me and I put mine in you. We have our other arms wrapped around each other tightly. Thrusting hard and deep. Kissing and sucking each others mouths, tears rolling down our cheeks because the passion is soooo intense. We cum together and hard. You lay me on my back and tell me ” I want to clean up my mess” I spread my legs wide and the wet is dripping down. You start licking up my wet. I grab your hair and start rubbing my clit on your sexy mouth. I’m so turned on again. I can’t keep quiet. You feel soooo good. I can feel I’m about to cum all in that sexy mouth. My pussy throbbing and aching. I cum hard, pull you up to me, we start kissing hard again, I can taste me on your mouth. We stair into each others eyes and we both say ” I love you so much”.

    I could keep on because it doesn’t stop there.

    Love always,

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      March 9, 2016 at 6:21 am

      Damn I wish this was for me…

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