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    1. I once was
      March 8, 2016 at 2:29 pm

      I’m sorry about my filter.
      There’s no excuse.
      Your all I ever wanted.
      Thank you for all you are,
      That time has come & gone,
      I’m sorry for all I’ve done,
      So I hope this helps,
      A delivery you’ll have to sign for.
      A Letter of sorts for you.
      I wouldn’t throw it away!
      Otherwise you’ll miss out!
      Those dreams of yours,
      Will become a reality.
      You’ll smile I promise.

    2. Author
      March 10, 2016 at 1:40 pm

      Dear i once was,
      I would treasure it….
      Thank you for all you are.
      You are all I ever wanted.
      Never to be thrown away!
      Until our next day.

    3. @author
      March 14, 2016 at 1:32 am

      i love you Sweetheart, I fucked up by being here on the Internet. It only made matters worse & look at how i Spoke to you. that’s not how i Should act with the woman i love. yes im a fool alright for I didn’t mean any of the Spiteful emotions that flowed forth from my mouth. in those moments the once hurt child within me comes to the Surface lashing out in anguish defending himself from what he perceives is about to come. So what does he do as an adult to the one he truly loves? he Sabotages his chance of reconciliation for he’s been hurt one to many times by the ones he thought loved him. he loves them beyond a doubt & they realise this yet his cursed Stinging tail is laced with poison & after being stung they look at him & wonder who he is for that’s not the Man they loved. I live with this curse & have been ridding myself of that poisonous tail for so many years & what I’ve done & gone through to be the Man everyone loves hasn’t been easy & it’s triggered by those who love him yet hurt him badly. He doesn’t show this pain for he’s a man & men don’t do that 🙁 i don’t know if you realised how much you hurt me & as i never blame others for their actions I take that onboard & weighs me down. You wronged me so many times & yet I forgave you & let it go. the rare times my tail appeared was when you were upset calling me nasty names which pushed me over the edge. that tail comes forth as words that will pierce your heart with precision & im all of a sudden the monster because I spoke the truth? it was alright for you to disect my heart repeatedly yet i didn’t run away or become silent, then not catching up & now putting me second to everyone else when it suited you. See i loved you for you flaws & all & i saw the real you in you which is why I stood by your side the entire time. can you say the Same? on those blue moon moments when i was at fault away you went. trusting each other & being open in our communication was good, did you act on what my needs were? No you didn’t. did I got you? yes I did & if you loved me why then was it so hard to please your partner? I love you & there’s nothing more I can do for you still think it’s all my fault. if i told you of all my past traumas they would be equally as bad or worse than what you went through. I don’t let them ruin my believes in others & run from people as you have done with me. you can dish it out but not take it with a pinch of salt? Stop running & meet me halfway? Or is it So far gone for you? If it is just say it with something only you & i would know? then we both can walk together on this journey together called life or we can walk our own paths knowing that we tried our best & have no regrets? 😀

    4. @journey together
      March 14, 2016 at 2:49 pm

      I never stopped believing in you…
      Once again my emotions are getting the better of me.
      Parts of me are speechless and others have so much to say.
      After all this time…
      I would walk anywhere if It was to see your face.
      To just hear your voice……
      Many moons may pass but it will never be too far gone.
      I am truly sorry for not giving you what you needed, it was a time when we both needed… Never did I mean to cause you pain or discomfort…I do see my mistakes… And I do learn, it may take time in some cases…I should have done better…I will do better…
      I love you, will you give me the chance to say this to you?
      I would meet you anywhere.
      What do you propose?
      Will you lead….
      You must know there is nothing I would like more than wake again by your side.
      No regrets! As equals!
      Please remember that I will always answer.
      Yours Faithfully,

      Only you & I know of the ‘scar’ under my chest and of your bag which is prepared and ready for anything.

    5. Our Love we Have Is Amaranthine - Unfading
      March 15, 2016 at 10:31 am

      Do you still wonder why I always said to you the same answer like I’m now…”You never cease to amaze me!”

      My faith in you is indefatigable.
      Just as you have more than proved to me,
      In this immeasurable vastness we call our universe.
      How I truly see you is beyond question.
      I will not take any ifs or butts ;D
      Never, have I felt this way, had I seen anything so beautiful!
      So unearthly in your loveliness,
      If I had to describe you through your vivid orbs which are the windows to your soul?
      As I am so intoxicated as they’re the most iridescent turquoise I have EVER seen!
      What do you think my answer would be?

      (Mind) Majestic in a mindful manner.
      (Body) Besotted by your breathtaking bodacious bountiful body.
      (Soul) Such a selfless salubrious soul so surreal.

      Our everlasting hope which we is now clearly unremitting
      This year it was vital what I did my own accord
      Putting myself through one’s paces
      Not a single second sdid you leave my mind.
      For there was no turning back
      Till I became once more,
      The the Man you loved.
      As our LOVE has always been real & is illimitable
      If all the endless stars were combined as ONE,
      Behold I proudly say to you,
      As you gaze upon my eyes you see what I see
      For was it not you who said we are mirrors?
      A light ever so bright never seen before by either,
      Drawn towards it you sense something different?
      It does not burn like it once did when it had a solar flare,
      The warmth now a pleasurable temperature,
      You dream of what you desire in a Man.
      Is now a reality.

      That is a promise I will forever keep & hold my accountable too.

      My soul a bit more burnished,
      Yours practically flawless in design!
      I will admit I’m biased.
      With pride I say this to the world that this I say to you ,
      My sightly equally better half…
      Promise me that it shall remain between you & I? ;D

      Shhh… its our secret. For I will never admit to anyone bar You .
      As we are now embarking together happy for the endless possibilities,illimitable adventure.”
      Resolute in both equally keeping & honouring our Promises to each other & ourselves,
      Always patient & when we do slip up be think of how the other would react,

      I Promise you promise to You. Honouring this will be my constant baseline to love myself in a healthy way.

      Like I now ask you the same? Can you promise me this one request I have? To love thyself first & foremost?
      Owning this self love first & foremost & because you want to just as I do too.
      Venerable we both will be, patient for however long it takes for when we cum loving cum together complete(r)
      Each being complete of self love cuming together in unison complementing each other PERFECTLY.

      You & I were destined to be? I believe this you were a girl who was once my secret school crush.
      Only by fate this must be? At the age of seven, still so innocent, yet I declared to the world her name-yours!
      Until recently I didn’t fully believe in Twin Flames. Yet here I am twenty years & FB of all places.

      Dauntless we were & an example to those who say to never wait for anyone? We waited for over three months A LDR too, 6800km’s apart & I was a non believer that they could work over the internet.
      Venerate her was a given for she made me blush so much being direct & upfront in her desires.
      I felt like Papua Smurf for I’m sure my balls turned blue.
      Don’t ever stop believing till you decide to not when others advise you! Love is the greatest gift in LIFE.

    6. Seven Hours Later
      March 15, 2016 at 11:22 am

      I finally pressed the “Post Comment” & my tired eyes then realised…..SHIT. Whoops I didn’t write an answer to where & when for I think you know my answer for it’s always been the same.

      Sweetheart there is nothing more in the world that I want & You are the One I want & desire. YES I would be honoured & as I didn’t expect this? You can imagine how I’m feeling right now. Now isn’t the time for apologises as we both have said so many & I forgave you & I so long ago for that’s who I am. Letting go of the guilt & memories of what I did wrong is where I falter. I’m learning as you are. I will lead & I will always take the lead like when I go dancing. Will you take my hand & be my partner in this dance we call LOVE? This time apart has taught me humility & the amount of (self) reflection….well it’s been a busy time I;ll say for now.

      There’s only one place I would suggest for it was our special place that we thought was ours. I have been there every Friday since. You would instantaneously know where I speak of & the approximate time without me even writing a single word. I’d be there early as usual as it’s beautiful there for the view is magical. I’ve just realised you will most likely working at that time? As I wish to see you sooner than later as early in the morning this Wed 16th March. My “house mate” is away on holidays ATM so I’m here by myself. My number hasn’t changed. Can you text me please for I’d like to talk to you when in front of you not by phone as I’d love to see you. I’m not sure your work schedule & if it’s like it used to be then about Friday where I spoke of?

      Love One Very Surprised Man

      P.S. I write no where else now & this is my last comment. Sweetest dreams my Love. I whisper this for your ears alone as I’ve always been yours since the day we fell in love. Remember when? I do & I remember all the dates. Never remember any before You.

    7. Author
      March 15, 2016 at 1:42 pm

      I sent my message as you wished.
      Wednesday at the break? or Saturday where you say, the place we were that special day?
      At the time that would immediately spring to mind?
      Text me your preference time&date if you wish you need not say any more as either way see you soon.
      Sweetest dreams my Love. I whisper this to you and you alone.. as i too have always been yours since the day we fell in love. I remember …. I remember

    8. Stories So Similar
      March 16, 2016 at 10:12 pm

      17/03/16 1pm

      We thought it was each other, yet alas we are both mistaken for she hasn’t messaged me as you’ve done. It was too good to be true & I loved how you wrote to me for I thought you her for all you said was oh so similar? The title alone made me wonder. Then the scars & my bum bag I have to carry with me being a diabetic. The break? I have no idea where that is? The place I said was special is called Heathecote? At Sunset was the time. My name is David & I’m sorry if I’ve given you false hope as I thought it you S? If only it was, for she was the love of my life. I will still keep my promise & write no more other than your letter. I hope you have better luck than I. Wishing you eternal happiness & love.

      An Old School Hopeless Romantic

    9. So....?
      March 18, 2016 at 9:56 pm

      I still do not know is it you? Now your silent? This is far from what I want & why say nothing? Even if I’m the wrong person did you not feel something for it felt like it? Now I feel as this was intentional in doing what you’ve done. Oh well another lesson learned.

    10. Silence....nothing
      March 20, 2016 at 6:44 am

      I apoligise for my silence.
      I am very unsure of what to write.
      I am not S.
      And my words were not and have never been for a David.
      I have said this before.
      Are the & s that can be found here yours?
      It’s the details that usually confirms delusion, but in this case it only seems to fog the view.
      This was far from intentional
      I remember when I first posted, never did I think this the outcome.
      Our stories have so many coincidences… too many to be true.
      This is done.
      For it can not be.
      I am faithful.
      The words may not have been said to him every time but they are only his.
      I would not write with anyone else in mind.
      My words are his words.
      And words is all they are
      And to that end.
      No more.
      You may have never seen me like this but….
      I’m closing the door! A task I find easy in the majority. I save my care and adoration for the 1%.
      Which means I will never shut the door on him and he will never go unanswered.

      P.s. Over and out.
      (lots of I s I know…)
      I do however wish you the best of luck and hope one day you meet someone for real who can reciprocate your feelings it is somehing every human deserves.

    11. It is ironic
      March 28, 2016 at 9:20 am

      The amount of times I @ you both have answered each other repeatedly. Oh I know now who you are & now I can be at peace. I hope you find what your looking for as too closing the door that’s life & your choice & I understand why it now must be done. I hope you find him as yes your words are beautiful for all its worth. No I have no love for otherwise I wouldn’t be writing here and thankfully I don’t as much now for I have begun a new journey. Take care.

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