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    You push me. All you do is push me. All you do is push and push until I’m forced to give you an unwanted reaction and it simply makes me sick. You bring out the worst in me and the best in me and for the latter I’m eternally thankful. Though, you’ll never understand how much hurt, pain, and anguish you caused me.

    Ask yourself, is this how the man who loves you more than anything or anyone in the world is supposed to be treated?

    I can answer that for you and the answer is no.

    Yes, I do still love you, I do want to marry you, I do want to raise a family with you in the future.

    You can’t expect me to come running to you when all you’ve done is show me that you don’t love me unconditionally.

    Not once have you shown me that you truly care. Not once have you told the truth to me.

    You love to hurt me and I hate it; it makes me sick; you know I need you in my life and you treat this whole situation as if it’s a game…

    You know, your Twitter and Instagram were the only things that I was holding onto to affirm that you love me and care about me.

    The fact of the matter is, what you’re doing is unacceptable, undignified, and despicable and I deserve your unconditional love.

    That’s all there is to it. Once you decide to stop acting like a child and once you want to stop playing games, call me.

    It’s such a simple request.

    God damn…

    You drive me crazy and this makes me sick.

    We should be together now and all I wanted was for you to call me like I requested so many times. I just can’t do this anymore.

    Yes, I love you. I want to marry you. I want to be the father of our kids and I want to raise a family with you.

    You are acting like a child and you need to cut it out. You need to call me, apologize, and tell me you love me.

    You need to tell me to come over and I will come over in a heartbeat with no hesitation.

    I love you. Always, Baby.



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