• to the one i will never have

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    The title says it all i assume…..because falling for the girl who you know will never love u back is the hardest thing one can be through….. Even though she is ur life…and u are insaneley in love with her so much that even when u preoccupy urself with things u jst can’t get her off ur mind…

    Dear P
    i hope that someday u realise that there is a person who will do anything in the world for you to bring that smile on ur face……hope that u realise someday that there is a guy who waits almost hours for ur text to come eventhough you are bsy txting others……Hope u realise that there was a person who had always loved you bt dare not say it to you jst because he didnt want to loose you….i know you deserve better and i know that you’ll never be mine no matter how far i go for you…..bt even if there is a slightest chance like 0.1% i am willing to take it……because i have alwatogether
    you and i don’t think i can let go…..too broken allready
    Hoping that someday i might man up to say you theese things…..hoping we might jst be together

    Yours sincierly

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    1. @Author
      March 7, 2016 at 12:55 pm

      It is a shame you feel it is all in the title.
      I do wonder why P. ?
      For it is an unusual letter of choice.

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