• The Philosophy of a Life, Lost…

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    Have you ever taken the time to think about what your last words would be? About what you would say to the people you love or the people you hate if you knew they were the last words you would ever speak to them? There are so many things that you might want to say, the clutter of thoughts hoarded in for so long and yet in the last moments it all becomes so clear. There is a clarity in death, a release from the chaos and confusion, a fleeting simplicity that can’t be experienced short of the end. As I lay here on my bed with a piece of paper numbering the days I have left, I have realized that terminal illness has turned this bed into a death bed. I guess I should count myself lucky knowing when the end will come, knowing that every moment could be my last, and yet life is still so dark. They say to live every moment as if it were your last, yet even in doing that it still isn’t enough.

    So to all of you;

    To the joyful, who have come here to profess your love or excitement at what life has to offer,

    To the sorrowful, who are calling out in hopes that someone might hear you before it is too late,

    To the mourning. who have lost something or someone you can’t picture yourself without,

    To the angry, who can’t find forgiveness for what has happened even if it is right in front of you,

    And to you, for whatever reason life has brought you here;

    Life is beautiful. No matter how many moments you have it will never be enough.

    To the joyful, Let your joy overflow into every area of your life, don’t hide your letter here.

    To the sorrowful, Look around you to the support you have and the people in your life who will always be there, making it impossible for them to come too late.

    To the mourning, Listen to your heart and remember that you have a future worth living for even if you can’t see it now. Amazing people have come into your life before and they will again. Also, even if you don’t see it, you are that amazing person to someone else.

    To the angry, Love everyone, even those who have hurt you, because they have helped make you who you are. The people who are the hardest people to love are the people who need it most.

    To you, You are LOVED. There could never be a more perfect or beautiful you.

    These are my last words to you. My philosophy of a life, lost. Don’t loose yours.

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    1. Peter C
      March 6, 2016 at 10:14 am

      This is sad but uplifting. How caring of you to want to reach out and share your insights with the world, especially if you have a terminal illness. How kind.

      It sounds as though you have regrets. I suppose no one dies without regrets, perhaps the key is what you do with them in the time left. Erik Erikson talks about the stages in our lives, and he says the last challenge in our lives is integrity versus despair. It is facing our past, reviewing our life goals and what we accomplished, and coming out of this with wisdom. Being able to look back on our life with a sense of closure and completeness, and ultimately accept death without fear.

      I am not there with you, I don’t know what you are going thru when you say “a life, lost.” But already what you are doing by reflecting, feeling and posting is a start on closure for yourself in your life. It is honorable and I am humbled by your action. Now too is the time to forgive – first yourself, and then those that wronged you and hurt you. Now too is the time to say things that may ease a hurt in the heart of someone else from long ago. As much for you as for them.

      There is much still that you can do – whether you have days left or years. I salute your effort and embrace you;


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