• the only boy

    by  • March 5, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    why do i only miss you
    when you’re the only one to have ever broken my heart?

    my heart was made for you
    it was beating for you
    it was broken, just for you

    the only time i ever loved someone hard enough i was willing to put myself in this slingshot of pain
    each day i loved you harder, i took a step back, hoping it wouldnt break

    eventually my energy gave out. i could not hold myself and to my luck you decided to stop holding me too. i was shot metaphorically speaking

    off and into the sea.
    lonely, drowning in my sorrow i blamed myself because
    it was i who made you stop loving me
    it was i who made you feel guilty
    it was i who made you stop caring
    it was i….who let you go, in reality.

    i would feel all the weight of this pain for myself
    believing i was broken and bruised.
    this slingshot of pain has given me scars and yes, brought years of my hearts decay too.

    however, i soon realized its the sun at the center of our system. i cant feel so bad for myself when i was the one to hurt you. i am not the center, nor the only one broken and bruised. for you were there with me too.

    this slingshot of pain had just enough room for two. and with us flying in different directions, you closer to the shore i didnt know what to do.

    you did move on faster. with me still drowning and trying not to love you. so this is for you. its been years i know i havent really shown how i care for you.

    i apologize for the damage ive done from right where we begun…. to now…

    i truly am.. this is how im brave enough to show you. i pray your bruises are healed and your heart is whole. yes the damage ive done can not be undone but surly with time you will grow.

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