• The one..

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    There are too many ones..
    The one
    The one that got away
    The first one
    The one night stand
    The one you want to forget
    The one you want

    But what if the one isn’t the one
    The one that got away is or the one night stand should’ve been a lifetime
    The one that you want to forget is the one you should remember & the one you want is the one you need.

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    1. You Are The One
      March 7, 2016 at 9:52 pm

      What it means to me when I say to the One I Love is (S)imply how you approach life & our relationship.

      First, being the one is turning to yourself first so that you aren’t looking for someone to “complete” you, but to enhance you. It’s being consciously engaged in the process of living. It’s being activity involved in your own self-development, being ever more self-aware, self-expansive, and self-exploratory. It’s approaching other people and the world with receptivity. It’s your willingness to be vulnerable, to share yourself, and to connect with others on intimate levels. It’s when your turning a tendency to say no into a tendency to say yes. You have a knack(intuition) for seeing a higher possibility in every situation and knowing how to turn anything that happens into a vehicle for growth and self-discovery. Being the one doesn’t mean you need to have super-high self-esteem, have resolved all of your issues, or be the perfect mate. Being the one is a process & how we act on it.

    2. You are the One PartII
      March 8, 2016 at 1:50 pm

      I forgot to add a letter at the end.


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