• One Response to I know why you go quiet…

    1. H
      March 7, 2016 at 3:52 am

      It’s because I have no desire to love you, but yet the thoughts of you just never stop. I have no choice to not love you, I just do. After all that you have done, I should hate you, believe me I do.

      Is it because I don’t know life without you. Is it because I never seen you fight for me, want me, believe in me or want to spend your life with me. You made me believe that you love’d me, you made me believe I loved you back too. The day I feel in love with you was the day you decided this wasn’t working for you.

      You said I treated you bad when you left, but what I see happen in your current relationship is 1000 times worse than anything I ever said or did. I never once kicked you outta the car and left you on the road, I never once drowned your clothes in the fish tank, I never once threw full glass beer botrles at you, I never once smashed anything glass like the bathroom mirror, I never once came at you with a knofe, I never once put a VRO on you and risked your whole career aka life.. These are just the things you have told me about. The things that she has done to you.

      Looking at that I never treated you bad it was just your sad excuse. Give me the respect I deserve and tell me the truth. It wasn’t to go fuck my friends coz you did that anyway, you say you love her but yet you cheat on her whenever you feel like it and you tell,me you never cheated on me…

      You fight for her – You cheat on her!
      You didn’t fight for me – You never cheated on me …. see somethings missing.. what is it you really did… Apart from sleeping with my bestie as soon as we broke up (apparently when we broke up).

      Please tell me the truth, I would appreciate it. Let me move on already please I beg of you.

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