• How Are You So Beautiful?

    by  • March 1, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Precious Snowflake,
    I had never truly fallen in love until that day when I first heard you laugh. I couldn’t see you at that moment, and I’ll never know the joke or game that brought that joyous sound to you lips and my ears, but it was what made me realize that you were beautiful.
    I’d heard it said of course, but I never saw it until then. I’d become so used to your face that I thought nothing of your looks. But that little laugh brought your inner beauty forward, and now it is that that I see when looking at you, and that that makes me call your familiar face beautiful.
    More beautiful than any other I’ve known, that’s for sure.
    You wormed your way into my heart, and it is the sound of your childish laugh that I see in the blue of your eyes. I love it. It’s the cute little way you melt from icy cold and serious to gushing and sweet around your family and little animals that I see every time I look at your silken locks and say they’re gorgeous. It’s the sweetest of your voice that makes your pale skin, gentle face and cold exterior expression so endearing.
    You are beautiful, inside and out, my Snowflake.
    With everlasting love deep from my heart,
    Your Secret Admirer

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