• Dear World: I’m so sorry

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    Dear World:

    I am so sorry we’ve put you in this position. As a nation, America has become embarrassing. And it puts you in the awkward position of not wanting to poke a bear, while at the same time having genuine concerns that the gun-wielding bear is having a collective societal mental breakdown.

    I am so sorry that the loudest Americans are the craziest Americans.

    We aren’t all ignorant. We don’t all want to solve problems with walls paid for by others. We don’t all think every Muslim is a terrorist. Some of us even recognize that hate speech and irresponsible journalism fueling the lowest common denominator of American Ignorance and Hatred has HELPED ISIS recruit more terrorists.

    Some of us even remember that Christianity is about love and tolerance. Not hatred and vitriol.

    I am so sorry the loudest and craziest of us have tried to make you believe that every American Christian thinks God only wants us to love our neighbor if he’s white, straight, American, and Christian. I don’t know how to explain it except by saying they’ve been twisted by ignorance and susceptibility to corrupt influences. And, let’s be honest, the ones thumping the bible the loudest are usually the ones that haven’t read it.

    I am so sorry we’ve allowed a process that was once the democratic envy of the world to become a clown car. I’m so sorry we’ve allowed our candidates to behave as morally repugnant, dishonest, catty, buffoons without a shred of dignity.

    Not all of us want a circus instead of an election. Some of us haven’t forgotten that the presidency is supposed to be a job that gives America a representative to the rest of the world. Not all of us believe that our representative should be the type that gets ahead by belittling others, name calling, and waving platitudes rather than policies. Some of us still hope for a diplomat and a statesman that can inspire others to greatness rather than stooping to the basest level. (But then we go and blame the least morally-objectionable president we’ve had in a long time for anything from gas prices to crop failure.)

    But truthfully, our people have become so distorted that sanity is no longer part of the process. We won’t elect people who cooperate with other parties; instead of seeing them as capable of compromise, we’ve painted them as traitors. What was once the foundation of a working two-party system is now unthinkable. (But our population is somehow baffled as to why nothing gets done, and our infrastructure is falling apart.)

    The truth is we’ve gone insane as a nation. We’ve hijacked our own constitution, while acting against its provisions. We allow our nation’s leaders to lie to us without consequence. We allow our news providers to lie to us, and to tap in to and feed the ignorance and fear dwelling in Americans for ratings and advertising revenue.

    We’re all either angry or resigned, even the ones who aren’t loud and spewing hatred. We’re all tired of the corruption. But we’ve locked ourselves into this vicious cycle of electing mostly unreasonable people, being surprised at their failure, and trying to fix that by electing other, more unreasonable people. (And then we shrug our shoulders, and go watch YouTube cat videos and forget to wonder how it got this way.)

    We allow terminology to obscure progress. Civic-mindedness used to be a virtue; now, just to beat a dead horse, we label it socialism, remind people of the Soviet Union even if they’re just trying to build a park, and try not to let them realize we are at the brink of being a failed government, too.

    We allow the wealthy to buy offices, and then we thank them. We call the inexperienced “down to earth” and “refreshing” when it’s just inexperience.

    We’ve gone crazy.

    Help us. Help us by letting us know you think we’ve become unreasonable, ignorant, angry, and petty. Help push us to be great again.

    And if that doesn’t work? Please, extend us a courtesy we haven’t shown you:

    Don’t believe we’re all like that just because of a few extreme, poor examples of this country’s citizenry.

    Some of us still believe that freedom, truth, and tolerance can coexist. Some still believe the loudest of us right now are the dumbest, most horrible of us. Some of us still believe that patriotism doesn’t mean giving in to group-lunacy, it means striving for an educated, informed nation of innovators and producers.

    Some of us remember that we are a nation of immigrants, and to discriminate any one group is by definition unpatriotic, and something we would not stand for if it were perpetrated against us.

    Some of us are genuinely afraid of what is currently happening, and is about to happen to this country. We are watching the rise of the next great monster to be put down, and we can only blame ourselves. And we’re cheering in mass, deluded throngs as it happens, welcoming it in.

    I am so sorry we’ve put you in this position. But, please – please, help save us from ourselves.

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