• Just one small step.

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    To Mr. David T.,

    I’m so sorry. I tried so hard to overcome my fear and send you a simple thank you letter for doing what you do and to say how much I enjoyed your work. I can’t seem to do it. It wouldn’t have meant much to you, and I’m okay with that. It meant so much to me, though.

    It would have been a step in the right direction. I might be a bit old to send fan-mail but it was something small that I could have done, with little consequence on anybody’s part. It was something simple that would have taken only a few seconds of your time if it made it to you, but for me… I could have held my head up high and walked on clouds for days for such a victory over the social anxiety I struggle with daily, a terror that I’ve let keep me from my dreams and a fear that you’ve managed to conquer every day until you achieved your own dream.

    I hate myself so much for letting the fear control me sometimes but… I’ll keep trying until I reach my goals, even if it takes a lifetime. I’ll try taking steps every day, even if I only manage a small step (like this letter). Maybe someday I’ll be able to really write you, to really thank you for inspiring me to keep trying, but I’m afraid it isn’t today.

    Thank you,
    Just a fan.

    24 February 2016

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