• from 1000 letters I’ll never send

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    I loved you. You might not think that’s true in light of recent events. But rest assured that I’ve never lied to you.
    Do you remember the first time we met? Because I do. I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I’m not sure if you knew, but Katie was trying to set us up because I asked her to. She’d been sending me snap chats of you for weeks and eventually invited me up to meet you.
    Katie drove me to your house and we walked in. There you were sitting on the bed on the phone with your mom, and you put your finger up telling us you’d be right with us. All of a sudden there you were right in front of me, this guy I’d found attractive for so long. It felt like a dream. Then you hung up on your mom and you started talking. I don’t even remember what you were saying but I couldn’t stop listening. You were so passionate.
    Anyways, you know all of this. You were there. What you don’t know, because I never told you, is that when I took the two hour drive back home that night, I had to pull over and cry. I cried because you were the first guy to ever show any interest in me. You were the first guy to ever smile at me and want to spend time with me. I sometimes wonder if you liked me as much as I liked you at the beginning. I’ve been told that I fall for guys to fast. But that didn’t scare you off.
    Do you remember the first time I told you that I loved you? It was 4am and we were laying in your bed, you were asleep and the moonlight coming in through the window shone right on your face perfectly. The only noise was your slow breathing and the faint chirping of crickets in the yard. It may have been the only time in my life I felt like I belonged to you. I shook you until you woke up because I couldn’t wait until the morning to tell you how I felt. I had to confess my love for you at that very moment because I was scared that you might wake up and realize that we shouldn’t be together.
    We only dated for 6 months. But every minute with you felt like a million years. I don’t think I’ll ever send you this letter. I don’t think you’d even read it if I did. But I wish you the best. Regardless if we ever speak again, I’m grateful for the time that we had together. A small piece of my heart will always belong to you.

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