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    For one whole year, one whole year i got to know you. We meet randomly on a festival, you didn’t know me and i didn’t know you but i found some kind of interest in you. There we stood, had fun and enjoyed the festival to the end. After that we sat down and talked, talked for a whole hour, about anything and everything. Then you had to go, but left me your contact info.
    Few days later we talked again, checked what was going on and decided to meet up one day. You were after all new to my city. It wasn’t a real date but it could have been one if it didn’t end like it did. We wandered around in the city, looking for new stuff and showed you everything i knew. Everything weren’t planned, we wandered as we both explored.

    After that we talked and talked, just kept on talking to each other, didn’t see each other for a while.

    Then your birthday came and you wanted to celebrate it in my city, with me and some of your friends. We had a fun day, even if it didn’t go as planned, and we promised that next time it will go the right way. But at this moment im not sure if that promise will be upheld at my end.

    I did like you, like a lot. And yet i didn’t say it out loud. I did once by mistake and you noticed it. You told me in a fair way that it wasn’t the right time. And i accepted it. Held my emotions inside and waited for the right chance…but that chance never happened.

    Right now i wish that the guy you are meeting fucks everything up so i can clean up the mess and catch you….but at the same time i wish that you will live happily, that your life will move forward.

    I am in the soul and bone a nice guy, that gets joy from other peoples happiness.

    And one day it will be my turn to experience that feeling.

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    1. Peter C
      February 23, 2016 at 10:22 pm

      Franklin Veaux wrote about this. You don’t get a partner just because you’re “nice” and nice people deserve to get partners. The things that help you to get a partner are:

      – Confidence
      – Directness
      – Courage; especially, the courage to say ‘Hey, I’m interested in you, what do you think?’
      – Openness; especially, openness about your feelings
      – Happiness
      – Abundance thinking–the idea that the world is filled with people and with opportunities for connection

      The things that help you keep a partner are:

      – Integrity
      – Compassion
      – Good, direct communication
      – Honesty, including both honesty with your partner AND with yourself
      – Good partner selection skills
      – Flexibility
      – Introspection

      The things that will prevent you from finding a partner include:

      – Timidity
      – Shyness
      – Unwillingness to make the first move
      – Unwillingness to ask for what you want
      – Feelings of insecurity
      – Feelings that you are “beneath” or “not in the same league” as someone else
      – Desperation
      – Scarcity thinking–the idea that relationships are rare and hard to find
      – Entitlement

      So it’s time to stop calling yourself a nice guy. It takes courage to ask for what you want, and yeah, you will stub your toe lots of times. It takes courage to be open about your feelings, when you don’t know what she will say back. But the alternative is lots of lonely nights, where you tell yourself you’re really a nice guy & really just in it to make other people happy.

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