• Uninformed

    by  • February 20, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Abuse • 0 Comments

    To my family,
    I had a right to know and a right to choose. This is against my moral code, you all lied and tricked me totally. I some how thought I was getting a twin soul and this happened. You leave pictures like this on my iPad. Mom has taken away all my computer and email access. Or should I say I sure didn’t want anyone else but my own soul in my soul. I want God and I want to choose what I do next, I am not going with you people. After this I’m supposed to go work my way out of here.. Whatever I still can’t believe you did this to me. Now I have to call core medical or what… You had me at work like this… I will never forgive you people. Mom all you do is lie and that’s ok. I wouldn’t have done anything for Chris Ray, you were in love with him. I have choices and they should’ve respected. Mom all the shit you have done to me should be adding up or are you still trying to be me. Money and all. I guess I don’t have anyone watching over me like I thought. I hope God comes soon because I need to talk to him, you couldn’t even tell the truth…so this is why rusty is calling. I want the truth now before I go….

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