• Selfish

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    that’s the best word to describe you.
    You don’t care who was hurting for as long as you are having fun.
    You act as if you love me whenever we’re talking and sadly I believe you. I believed because I have loved you with all the love in my heart.
    When you said you are busy at work, that’s why you were not able to send a message. I completely understand coz sometimes I’m so preoccupied with work too. When you said you were so sick that’s why you were not able to send a message, I was so worried about you.
    Then 2 months ago, came a message from your wife. Boom! Aside from belittling me, she also told me about your other girl. Oh boy! you’re one busy man.
    I pity her. At one point she was so angry with me then another she was ready to give you up.
    The day I received a message from her, I was expecting an explanation from you. For the whole day I didn’t eat and stay in bed under the comforter. I cannot verbalize the pain. And the following day, all I received was a misscall from you.
    Fast forward after 18 days you send me a message informing me that your phone was broken. wow! what a very valid reason 😀
    Until yesterday you’re still sending “hi” and I’m proud that I was able to hold myself not to reply to you.
    By the way, I saw the video where you’re on a road trip with her and you called her “hon”. Sometimes I think she was not the one who send me a message but you. Your way of getting rid of me coz you know I will never agree to share you with any other girl. At other times, I wonder if she’s the one who send me a message, what did you tell her in order for her to stick with you.
    And if she’s the one who really send me a message, why she’s still with you after all that she had find out? If I was her, I bet I already kick your *ss out.
    Remember, no matter how much I love you, if you didn’t say that I am your great love and it’s me who you want to spend the rest of your life with, we will never be in a relationship.
    Right now, I admit I still love you but I will use all my might to neglect you. I hope there comes a day when my heart & mind will completely forget that you ever exist.

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