• I’m done being his girl

    by  • February 20, 2016 • Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I’m done being your confidence boost. I can’t be your sex buddy and your friend too. I can’t be there for your entertainment when you don’t have some other girl for it. Yeah, I’m always going to like you. No, I’m not showing it anymore. I’m done with the lies you tell me.. I’m done with telling guys that I have someone, because, with you.. Who knows? One moment we’re together, another.. We’re not. One minute it’s boobs and another its nah, let’s not do this.
    You know you like me, I know it too.. But you’re a guy.. So, you can’t act on it. I get it, it’s not supposed to be this way… I know this is wrong, its not how we planned it.
    I’m done tho, if you can not admit that you love me then we can not do this anymore. I’m not looking for a hook up or something like that. I’m looking for a relationship, commitment, which is something you struggle with..
    I’m done getting pissed when you don’t answer, I’m done waiting up for hours thinking that you will answer, because… I know you, you just want to play games.
    That’s how it’s always been, and how it always will be. You and I… we play the “friends but not really” game. The game that .has rules, but not really. Like rule 1, bra pics are welcome. Rule 2, I like you but I’m not gonna say it. Rule 3, let’s not tell anyone. Rule 4, the guy says when it’s okay to be sexual or not.
    This game? You’re really good at it, you win every time because I always end up hurting so much more than I deserve. And I’m done being your booty call. This game? It’s only fun for you.
    Every day I’m questioning myself… is it okay? Is this right? Does he actually mean the stuff he’s saying to me? I find myself thinking about it at least five times a day or more..
    Do you even understand how it feels? No, because you could care less. It fucking sucks to be sooo fucking special to you for what? Two weeks.. Then all the sudden, nope. I’m done. Any girl you do this to, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, will think that you could care less about her. That everything you said is a lie. That all you want her for is sex. That you dont care about her feelings.That your just like those other guys, but… you.. You’re not. So stop acting like it, stop being your typical man whore because I know you’re not.

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