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    How do I tell someone who’s scared that I am in love with them? How do I get a person to trust me that has trouble trusting? How do I communicate to a person who has a wall up miles high? How do I explain to that person that I want to be there for them, but they won’t let me? This person I am madly in love with. I want to see thier wall down no matter whats behind it. I want them to trust me, that I wouldn’t hurt them for the world. I want to spend my life with them. Our situation wasn’t right, we weren’t suppose to fall so deep, but we did. I would love to be able to work through this together. They ran and shut me out. I don’t know what I did. I never did them wrong by being with another. I never lied to them. We were both committed to other people already. I think we have something special and would love nothing more than to figure this out with them. I am not given the opportunity for that though. If they were to text or call tomorrow I wouldn’t ignore them. My arms would be wide open. If I had one wish it would be that they trusted me. I am truly in love with them but they leave me no choice but to move forward without them. Not because I want to but because they want me to. I wish I could hold them one more time, They would know for sure then that I mean what I say. If I were able to choose it would be them I chose. No matter what our families thought, we would get through it. I wish they would read this letter, but it not likely, and if they did, it would be another person’s name they would use to respond. That’s the size of wall I’m up against.

    Love Always,
    Your Girl

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    1. @girl
      February 21, 2016 at 9:54 am

      I sympathise with your predicament.
      You can not break down someone else’s walls they must do that themselves. If they are really for you and the walls become climbable I am sure they will catch up.
      Good luck



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