• Dear My Ex

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    I saw a picture of you today with someone new. I know I have no right to be upset or jealous, because we haven’t spoken in five years, and I’m in a committed relationship, but I miss you. I’ve missed you for five years. I wish I knew who you were now, and that you could see the person I’ve become and maybe love her like you used to love me.
    I know this is foolish since we were so much younger then… but you and that year together meant the world to me. You were my first love. I’m mad that you ended things, and It took me a while to really move on past you… I always had a hope that you missed me the way I missed you but when you never even attempted to reach out that hope was lost. Now I just regret not fighting harder. Im happy now, I am. But it doesn’t mean I don’t think about the what ifs. I wish I was your one. Because you may have been mine. I guess we’ll never know.
    I don’t even know who she is, or what it is that you like about her, but I just want to know that I’m still the only person that you have loved, and I know how selfish that is… but it wasn’t me that decided you weren’t worth it.
    I wish more than anything you would reach out… the last time I tried I messed it up, but that wasn’t me, and if you even tried to talk to me, you’d know that.

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