• This wasn’t supposed to happen

    by  • February 18, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    Why did you do it? I thought I meant more to you. I thought there was more between us. There could’ve been. I can’t stop thinking about you. I want to see your face and I want to know you better and I want to be the one holding your hand and i wish i could be the one you wanted to talk to all night. My mom thinks I’m in love with you and its hard for me to deny that I’m not. But i do deny it. Apart from the way you’ve made me feel, the one other good thing that’s come from all this is that I’ve lost some weight. I haven’t really been hungry for food lately. A lot of people have also been telling me that I’ve looked sad lately. I don’t know why they’d say that because you made me so happy. I don’t know if I mean as much to you as you mean to me. This whole thing sucks because you were with her the whole time. How could you? The whole time you were with her you continued everything. You didn’t stop looking at me the way you do or talking to me the way friends aren’t supposed to talk. Why can’t i get over you. Why won’t you let me go. You have me wrapped around your finger and this whole situation is so shitty because i was the one in the beginning who was unsure and careful and confident. I was completely okay and i looked at you at my first thought was that you were attractive and that you weren’t what i was looking for. But you kept looking at me and things changed. Part of me wants to forget that i ever met you and the other part just wants me to be pathetically desperate for you.

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