• The Sun Is Shining

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    Thank you LINS for allowing me to write here.
    I’m indebted for your site whoever you are, our saviour in a way,
    A soldier that is relentless for you are dauntless in reading such letters.
    I shall remember you nameless hero never forgotten.
    Humbled for you allowing me to voice my feelings in a safe place.
    May you all heal & find your true love,
    Believe in yourself, never settle for second best,
    Your gut feelings don’t lie!
    May Love be your guide.
    For you will find joy, harmony & good fortune,
    Your never to much. your perfect as you are(close to it;)
    Today is your day, now go forth & seize it,
    Believe In your strength for it is there if you will it to be so,
    Look up keep looking up for the Sun always rises,
    We’ll get through this,
    Remember Love lives on, love is everything that surrounds us,
    A small word but beyond meaning.
    Share your sorrow, release your self torment,
    Spead seeds of kindness,
    Undying Love unconditional?
    You are a natural wonder The One & only,
    Your one of a kind never to much,
    For you make the world brighter,
    We can all get through this I promise you that.
    That is a promise we all must keep.
    Now moving forward,
    Blooming thanks,
    Your rainbow bright as I always said,
    One of a kind my hero of all hero’s
    Thanks for your support,
    Burning ever so bright your still my forever light,
    I give you my everflowwing courage,
    So thankful I don’t care,heartfelt appreciation,
    Remember I’m here for you,
    Friendships are forever, in my heart it is at least,
    Genuine care & concern if ever asked
    May you richly be blessed,
    The nights cloudless sky, limitless beacons of light,
    All each bright light are interconnected for you are my starlit special,
    Not just anyone someone or no one.
    One last time I shall say this,
    To me Sweetheart as awesome as you are,
    Your simply what I define as the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!
    Never ending thanks for everything,
    It was a beautiful love story to me,
    Life’s being more wonderful with you in it,
    an inspiration learned from the best,
    Joy for your soaring spirit,
    On this day that will be etched in our memories,
    On such a serene evening.
    I wish you endless happy,
    The chord we struck hopefully gives us some inner peace
    WOW This new year full of light.
    Your are the seasons of timeless beauty,
    Good luck on your next adventure,
    You make the world a nicer place to be,
    To a remarkable woman, mind body soul & heart!
    She who shall not be forgotten,
    Putting one last smile on my cheeky face,
    Damn these cascading tears, not seen as you’ve now walked away,
    I stood here months hands outstretched, in hope of us.
    Tirelessly doing what I had promised I would do.
    Not that you will know for these are just plain words.
    You have decided it is not to be.
    For you my love I shall always do what makes you happy.
    I have always tried my best. Please remember this.
    I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the man you desired.
    Love lives on within us all & now I say this Wednesday night,
    Two of the hardest words to say.

    *Goodbye Beautiful* xoxo


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