• Moving On

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    I’ve been on here since 2011. I thought so many times that you were on here. There were so many times that I thought that there might be hope for us. So many of my letters were to you and to some others as well. But I always came back to you. But over the years I spent to much time on a one sided….well whatever you want to call this. I’ve finally realized that if you wanted to be with me you would be with me now. Reading these letters plays with my mind and often I think you are on here or I give up hope and then write to you only for it to lead to a dead end.

    I think after doing that so often I finally realized that it had been over for a long time. I just wanted to hang on to you or some memory of you. It haunted me because I let it. But in the future I want a real relationship with a real man who respects me and isn’t afraid to tell me so.

    I’m not in pain any more or obsessed with thinking of you. If I see someone at the grocery store that looks like you, in the past I would have kept staring, but this time I turned and walked away. The feelings that I have for you are dying. I push them far back into my mind and keep them closed up in a storage room in my brain.

    I am no longer looking for you or longing for you or writing to you. I’ve given up hope completely. I’ve not given up hope on finding someone. But I want you to know that I respect myself enough to just walk away from something that is a dream and that will never happen. So I will continue reading letters on here from time to time, but I will not look for you or write to you anymore. It’s really over. I’m done. I’m moving on. You already have so why can’t I?

    This is my last goodbye letter or any type of letter on here.


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