• You Make It Hard To Love You

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    We used to text all day and talk all night until we passed out from sheer exhaustion because we stayed up too late the night before doing the same thing. We planned a silly life together, acting like we didn’t both already have responsibilities, and really loved each other. You kept mentioning leaving your boyfriend because of his anger issues. I was waiting. We kept our friends-more-than-friends up for a while longer. It lasted an amazingly fast four months.
    Then the new people in our lives started talking about us. How you didn’t really love me like I loved you. How your boyfriend was on the verge of beating you for spending time with me. Someone envious of our friendship spread a hurtful rumor that you believed. We argued in the parking lot and some guy you just met threatened to fight me if I ever talked to you again. He cracked jokes about me, threw things at me, and you just laughed like it was the best time you ever had. Now I feel like you spend all your time with him. You called me crying that same night, asking me to still be your friend. I agreed, but for whatever reason, we stopped talking. Your friends started leaving you because of those rumors, you’ve been hazed and teased at school, but you won’t listen to my advice or even talk to me when it’s not convenient for you.
    I decided Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to reconnect, to try and at least be friends again, but you didn’t answer me. You drove away with embarrassment written all over your face and text me a boring, general “Yeah, sure”. It’s just hard to love you when you act like the world is out to get you, when you spend all your time with a guy that hates me, when you don’t want to make up with your friends or appreciate the ones you have now. So I think I’m done loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day, love.

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