• Dear Scholar

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    I tried avoiding where I know you will most likely be because it pains me to know that you are there and I cannot see or talk to you. I have no excuse or reason to walk into the building or your office just to look upon your face or start a conversation with you. I have actually wondered what what happen if I did. Would you wonder why I am there or would you already know that I’m just trying to find a way to spend time with you?

    If I had it to do all over again, I would have found any opportunity to visit you. Last fall, I looked forward to seeing you three times a week and now I have only seen you twice and talked to you once since the start of this year. I’m so awkward and I wasn’t sure how to keep the conversation going because when I’m around you, my brain seems to short circuit. I think I may have ended the conversation abruptly when really I wanted to draw it out. I was afraid that you would see how much I wanted to linger with you and I worried that you didn’t want to linger with me. I noticed you carried a few books so I assumed you must be busy.

    Just for the record, even though I have a busy schedule and am always working on something, I am always hoping you will show up. I would rather chat with you than read or work in my computer. I reverted back to going places where you might notice me and stop to talk with me again. Again, I can’t seem to find a plausible excuse to come to you other than to waltz into your room unexpectedly because I want to spend time with you. I have no idea how well that would go over. I think this might be me attempting to make a move. I’m clueless about how to go about this, but I’m willing to take a chance if you are.

    ^3 K

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