• Who would’ve thought…

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    Who would’ve thought that you would be my best friend?
    Who would’ve thought that you would be the one I’d count on for anything and everything?
    Who would’ve thought that I’d have a million inside jokes with the boy I thought I would never get close to?
    Who would’ve thought that cool funny guy would also be kind and cheesy and cute?
    Who would’ve thought I’d be texting him 24/7?
    Who would’ve thought we’d be there for each other?
    Who would’ve thought we’d have our own playlist?
    Who would’ve thought that when I cry your shoulder is the one i cry on?
    Who would’ve thought that I’d make you cry?
    Who would’ve thought that you’d tell me you love me?
    Who would’ve thought that we’d be where we are right now?
    Who would’ve thought that we’d go through heaven and hell together?
    Who would’ve thought that I’d fall in love with my best friend?

    who would’ve thought……

    I want you to trust me.
    If you’re scared hold my hand.
    If you’re alone call my name.
    If you’re doubting look in my eyes.
    If you’re crying hold me tight and let me dry your tears.

    I’m here for you and I always will be. Don’t ever think otherwise. No matter what our futures hold, no matter what happens between us or to us trust me. Don’t be scared. I know it’s definitely easier said than done. I’m scared too. But I want you to know that I’m going to fight for you. You say some people are worth suffering for. Olaf says some people are worth melting for. And I say that some people are worth fighting for. People that mean the world to you. People that you can’t imagine life without. People that make you happy. People that you really love. People like you. If and when it gets hard I’m going to be here. We can do this together. I’m going to be here.

    To the guy that makes everything better,
    I always liked you hahaha from the moment you said “Look at me, look at me and laugh” you are my best friend. and i can’t describe with words how much you mean to me. I can go to you for anything and everything. It’s crazy. How far we’ve come. There is just so much i can’t remember everything. but here are some things that i do remember. When i had my first breakdown i immediately called you without a second thought. I guess it’s just in me. I guess it was always in me. That instinct to go to you. I remember you telling me to go outside with my bible and my notebook. I remember you singing we dance. I remember it wasn’t perfect. and i knew the person singing it wasn’t perfect. but i knew the god we were singing it to is perfect. i remember crying and crying on my stairs as people walked by. I remember listening to your voice and listening to the wind. You know better than anyone else that i love that song. But what you don’t know is why i love that song. Yeah i love it because i love the meaning, i love the lyrics, i love the singer, i love the tune. I love everything about it. It’s just ME ahaha but i also love it because its you. It’s you that sang it to me. It’s you that calmed me down and made me realize where i was. It’s you. At YI when you grabbed my hand, at family retreat when i cried and you told me it was okay, when i cried in vegas and you were there for me, when you pulled me aside at YI and talked to me, when we shared food at KD and when you saved me at the wave pool, when we listened to music on the way back, when you gave me a hug in the morning in the afternoon and at night, when you tied my shoes, when you gave me the necklace, and all the christmas gifts. You have the TERRIBLE HABIT!!!! You always lie to me and then surprise me. At retreat you showed up and I felt like you were a relative that came back from the military or something cuz i saw you and i was like “What the heck?? How are you here?? cries and runs for a hug*” When you surprised me at FAT and at church on Sunday. You were always there for me and you’re the best best friend i could ask for:) you make me SMSH all the time and LFSH

    I love you just because. I love you for being you. I love you’re hugs (it might’ve only been a hug, but that hug meant everything to me) i love you’re smile, i love your laugh, i love when you sing to me, i love everything.

    Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite.

    There’s so much i could say right now, but i want to just stick with this for now because i know reading isn’t really your thing (jkjkjkjk)


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