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    are worst than the others.
    One day I wake up and said, I’m happy that I was able to keep my silence.
    coz you have hurt me big time!
    But there were days when I just stare at the 2 notification at Wechat app knowing that’s from you and gather all the strength that I have in order to “not” open it.
    I saw your misscall but trust that I will do my best not to pick it up nor call you back.
    I know one small misstep I will make, I will come running back into your arms again.

    Why did you hurt me ven? Why you can’t love only one lady? Why did you made me believe I was your only one great love? Why you can’t be honest with me?
    I’m simply talking to myself. I will never ask you these questions coz I don’t want you to lie over and over again.

    Everyday, I pray to God to take away the pain that I’m feeling right now. Everyday I wish my mind and will simply forget that you exist but as they said “wishing something will not make it” so for now, I will deal with this feeling as a mature grown up.

    Thank you LINS for giving me an outlet. This site helps me held my ground.

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