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    This is not a letter about me letting you go but about a song called letting go. I’m sure you know it. Our girl Steffany 😉 I need to find a way to thank her for singing the best song ever. We Danceeee

    OKAYYYY now to the actual letter

    Don’t worry.
    It’s going to be okay.
    Trust me.
    And if i’m wrong you can punch me
    But even if something goes wrong I’m not giving up.
    No matter what I’m going to fight
    Because like you say some people are worth suffering for
    I also say that some people are worth fighting for.
    people like you

    Writing this letter to you haha i’m going to admit that i’ve written quite a few letters to you on here. And I’ll also admit that I honestly don’t remember what I said in those letters. But this one I’ll remember.

    For those of you that arent the person I’m writing to I’ll tell you a little about them

    They have the kind of smile that makes me weak at the knees.
    they have the laugh that is so contagious its like the cold in the winter time.
    They have the heart for the person they love that is so big you wonder how it was ever possible for someone to have such a heart.
    They have the ability to make my day. Any day. No matter how bad.
    They have the ability to make you feel like the luckiest person alive.
    They have the ability to make you smile so hard your cheeks hate you cuz you smile so much your cheeks cramp.
    They give the best hugs in the world.
    And they know.

    Dear You,
    I know there were days you didn’t believe me and I know there are days you can’t believe it’s real. But i really care about you and i really love you.

    when i love a guy i call them _______ the answer to the riddle. only you know.

    I’m going to keep writing letters to you. And there are some things i want to say in person and some things too important to say just on a website.

    I love you.
    I miss you.
    I want you here.

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    1. Lover
      February 12, 2016 at 4:42 pm

      Reading your letter would make anyone’s day. It certainly has made mine. In my mind I’m thinking it cannot be? Could it be her? After all this time? Or do I err on the side of being rational, for this is LINS after all. The answer to the risk in my situation was she used to call me Love or Lover? I used many descriptive words about her & now As I think back how lucky was I to be spoken of so highly because it is
      the greatest word known in history. Awe….then “I will admit” for she denied writing here too, till she accidentally said otherwise….& I comment because of one more clue if I’m right..? CHEEKS says it all? She was a cheeky lass, & had the sweetest Cheekest Ass ever! I want to be right there too not here but right in front of you now & forever.



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