• I have no choice

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    But to let go! I’ve texted, called, been on this site which gets me know where. I wanted to believe we had a special bond that couldn’t be broken! We had promised to be best friends forever. Though I had more feelings than that and I believed you did as well but we were dedicated to other people. I can’t help but realize that I’m the only one reaching out! I believed in us and wanted to see where we could go with us. I had made a comment to you “if I had a choice it would defenitly be you”. You belonged to someone else. I was living on my own. But still with someone. You and I still saw each other. I fell for you but was willing to stay best friends for life. I’ve reached out several times just to get ignored over and over. It hurts everytime. I have come to the conclusion that you were able to toss me like chewed gum. I didn’t think you of all people would do that to someone who opened so much of themselves to you and you to me. Maybe I was just a curiosity to you. Well I hope I helped you with that. I am a strong person and will heal. I’ve put that off in hopes that we would get in touch. I hope your doing great, I hope you find the happiness you seek out for. I hope your taking care of yourself, and your being taken care of. I’m sorry things didnt work out for us, but at least I can say I held on with all I had. If you ever need anything let me know, I’m here for you always, o have for to go heal. I can’t do this site anymore. I’ve said that 4 times before, this time I mean it. I just can’t do it anymore! If you ever change your mind just get a hold of me, the difference now is I’m not holding my breath on that.

    Love, EM

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