• This Place Knows Too Much

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    This Place Knows Too Much.

    The trees saw it all,
    The love that blossomed towards the end of fall
    And unlocked the path for spring,
    Oh, I supposed it was just a fling.

    But summer ignited everything.
    My mind began to sing.
    Who knew I could love this much?
    When I am stuck here, all I yearn for is your touch.

    Winter brought change as it usually does,
    Our love began to simmer, just cause.
    Tears began to sting the cheeks on our faces,
    We longed to adventure to new places.

    The rocks felt our feet and the wind carried our adolescent laughs away
    For our forbidden love was too strong to stay
    Love too strong, the ocean would be jealous
    But it was jealousy that ended anything zealous

    Whenever I return here,
    I can’t help but feel you near
    I feel the presence of who we once were,
    I begin to fear,
    Why does this place STILL hold you dear?

    I do not want to see the trees or rocks and remember the nights of endless pleasure.
    I do not want to breathe the wind and resuscitate in our memories.
    I do not want to smell the forests and yearn to lay my head on your chest.
    I do not want to feel every goodbye you ever said to me over and over.
    I do not want to feel your lips on my forehead and know we were parting forever

    Stop tormenting me.

    This Place Knows Too Much.
    This Place Knows Too Much.

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