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    I wrote this to you yesterday for you and told myself I was going to give it to you. Becca warned me and I told her that I would do it. But today I saw you and knew that I couldnt. It was too late and we are too late.

    I wasnt sure how to tell you this and I feel stupid writing it but I didnt know how to tell you any other way. I remember when you wrote me a poem asking me out and I loved it. But I’m not good at poetry so I didnt think I should do that.
    About this time last year you gave me a valentines day card and you wrote “this could me the best day of the year” and it was for me and I’m sorry we couldnt have anymore days like that.
    I love you and I hate the fact that for the last 8 months I never told you and if you have a girlfriend I dont want to ruin that but if there’s a chance I dont want to miss it. If there isn’t at least I tried and I can move on. I’m sorry we ended the way we did, I was scared, Im not sure what of but I have always regretted it.

    This letter is what I should have given you today. I’m going to carry it around every day and maybe one day have the courage to give it to you. But I dont and I never will. you were and still are the strong one. I love you so much it hurts and I will never stop loving you even if I grow old with someone else. some days i think i don’t need you in my life but at the end of the day i do. It’s not about having a boyfriend or whatever like it is for so many people our age.

    It’s about having you and I don’t have you.
    I will never have you again

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