• Friendship Has Its Flaws

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    In my 26 years of life I have realized that no friendship is perfect, because we are not a perfect species. You will hurt someone in the future, just as you have probably hurt someone in the past. It is inevitable, but whether it was on purpose or not is a matter of the heart.
    I want to tell you, that I will always be here for you, even if you aren’t for me. I don’t give up on friendships, I tend to stick like glue and try to give give give until there is nothing left to give. I wear my heart on my sleeve, this you know. I like you more than just a friend, but that’s hardly my fault. My heart just takes to kind, genuine people. I will never ask for more than you have to give, because there is no room for selfishness in a friendship or relationship of any kind.
    I get that I have to protect my heart, that is what I have always been terrible at doing, but I trust you. I want you to know that.
    I am not like most men who only see your physical body and attributes. I see you for who you are, and its only been a few months, but I can tell you are a wonderful young lady and have a great heart. I have a thing for genuine people who respect others, and you do.
    I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest, since sharing everything with you really isn’t an option right now because we are trying to just be friends, so here are my thoughts and I had to put them somewhere.

    -Your forever friend, no matter what.

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    1. To the author
      February 10, 2016 at 3:50 pm

      I’ve told my person this but she won’t let me keep my promise! Yet my promise still stands. Always will




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