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    So, we’re basically dating. I’m not allowed to date, you know that, but we’re basically dating. Minus the one little detail of you, um, making out with other girls. That uh, that sucks ass. I know, I told you to do whatever you want because it doesn’t matter what I think but really, don’t kiss other girls. We’re basically dating because we hug, all the time, and you touch my butt, with my permission, obviously. We’re constantly flirting and we’ve been talking for 75 days straight and counting. I really can’t get enough of you, and I’m very close to breaking my parents rule and just dating you. Innocently. But I know you and every other person our age in this country doesn’t do innocent. I know that if I eventually did break my rules and date you, people would try to make us kiss and I really don’t want to kiss anyone just yet. I know you have your “teenage boy tendencies” as I casually put it, and you probably would try to kiss me, but come on, we’re fourteen, a little too young for making out, don’t you think? Well, obviously not, from that one time you told me “I really want to make out. Not with other girls, you and just you” and just, oh my god, do you know how much I adore you? When you were calling me beautiful, and begging me to eat more, Jesus, no one cares about or compliments me like that. Not even my mom. I want to break my parents rules so much oh my god it’s making me so frustrated because I don’t know what to do with you anymore…

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