• 2/10/16

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    No matter how many times people say “be confident” or “love yourself,” it’s never really that easy to just do. They may shower u with lots of sweet, genuine compliments but at the end of the day…u still can’t accept yourself, your flaws. Growing up, youve became such a low self esteemed girl, can’t even look people directly in the eyes, nor smile. Your smile is probably your worst insecurity, how u envy those who have such a beautiful smile that compliments their very features. then there’s u, time on the Internet, wanting this out, but at the same time not really…? It’s not grammar free because fuck that, ur just talking to ur self to be honest. This has been something youre so embarrassed to even talk about with anyone. are u the only one that feels as if u only have yourself to open up to, others u cannot really trust. u see beauty in everyone actually, even from an artistic standpoint. But then there’s you, flaws everywhere that u know holds u back from the confidence. The “fuck what people think” mentality may just be the right attitude, but it’s not very easy to transition to that sort of mindset. Often u imagine a better version of you in ur head, how happy and perfect she is. Lucky bitch. Youre almost in ur twenties and u still feel the same way u did about yourself a decade ago. often u imagine going back in time and taking better care of yourself . youre actually surprise youre not too insane, thank Him on that part. You know your worth, but dont respect yourself. This may not make sense at all, but oh well. Hopefully u go back to this, reflect on it, with a much better self esteem.

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