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    This is not for the “loud” one, energetically speaking, this is for the one lurking where he doesn’t let his friends see him. The one who stays quiet and watches without the others knowing. You intrigue me and I’m not sure why. You’re too far away now for me to reach you the way we were. I don’t know what changed. Is that why you don’t want me with that other guy? Is that why you try to / have tried to keep us apart? I don’t know if you’re around technology but that really messes with my sight. Like a lot. A lot a lot. So I cannot read your intentions as well. I don’t think you mean me harm though, not with the way I feel you. Are you aware of the possibility? Is that why you found me? Or is this for your job? Maybe I’m just losing my sight and all of this is wrong….
    I guess I just don’t understand why you watch, keeping it from the others, if you’re never going to do anything about it. You want to separate me from the one the universe is pushing more, I can see that. But why? Why get involved without really getting involved? I can pick up on bits. You don’t think he’s good for me somehow and you don’t want me getting hurt. When I look at myself through your eyes, I see myself shining. It is interesting. There is also darkness lurking within you, and you are making yourself darker. You must think something positively of me. You are so good at hiding though, and I don’t think the others have even begun to guess at your skill. Your potential is even greater. Don’t let them find you. Don’t let them control you. You have a greater purpose. Believe me or don’t. I’m just saying. But if you aren’t ever going to act assertively, I ask you to stop trying to affect any potential anything I have with anyone else. Your actions could have very severe consequences as far as the universe is concerned. Reach out to me, by all means. I just don’t understand watching secretly without getting involved, especially with your feelings.
    And know what you’re getting yourself into. Do you know what it means to create a bond like this with someone? Do you know what will happen after a few years? I have seen it, and experienced it. It is not what you might think it will be. You can’t just open a door like this and then shut it again. It won’t go away after some time. I will be able to find you and see you, the deepest parts of you, at any second, at every second, of any day. I will feel your death. I will feel your heartache. I will see all. I warn you now because it will be irreversible if you watch much longer.

    Just, think about what you’re doing. Seeing you improperly might be saving you now, but I won’t be foggy for long. Eventually the technology (I’m guessing that is most of what’s clouding me) will let me see through it instead of blurring me out. And even when that’s not a factor, this bond you are trying (or maybe you’re not trying) to forge will become something I don’t think you’ve ever seen. Can you live with me knowing every single little thing you ever think, feel, and do? Those bonds can either be very life-changing for the better or they can be very, very dark. There are ones I cannot close with people who watched me for too long, without reaching out to me in other ways, that I never even had physical contact with once. and now you wouldn’t believe how well I can see them. I can see when they wake up in the night to feed their baby. I can see the songs they sing to their children. I can see inside of their kids. I can see inside of their girlfriends. I can see their every emotion as they experience it. I know every haircut, every time they like a song that’s playing, every judgement they have, every dark thought. I will know you that way soon. I’d back off while you still can unless you seriously intend on bonding with me until you die.

    Just saying.

    Lots of love xoxo

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    2 Responses to Secret-Keeper watching

    1. Seriously?
      February 7, 2016 at 6:27 pm

      Can you really see others life? Now I am threatened 🙂


    2. To the author
      February 8, 2016 at 3:11 am

      OMG this would be an Interesting life. Sounds a little possessive. I’m new to this site and have seen some really weird stuff. This takes the cake.




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