• Love.

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    I’m just going to tweet your initials with hearts everyday and every night but I won’t text you, contact you, or post here anymore. You need to contact me and apologize. That’s the only way, my love. It’s the only way. <3 I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. I believe we are soulmates and this is time we could be growing together and loving each other. I want it all, with you and only you and it's always been this way. <3

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    1. To the author
      February 7, 2016 at 7:06 pm

      If you have to tell him this on an anonymous site, is that being fare? I mean you won’t even text or call? That seems a bit shady. I don’t know but if I wanted someone that bad I would at least call them. Maybe they have moved on already. It shouldn’t be that hard or one sided. Maybe you need to find someone else? I had to accept that. My lover just moved on didn’t look back. I had trouble for a bit, but,then realized there are other people out there. I have my first date in 3 days. I may have been in love with my last girlfriend but we can’t make them love us back. If your wanting some guy to appaulagize good luck with that! Women are better at that then guys.Lol

    2. Really
      February 8, 2016 at 7:24 pm

      I stopped too & this has come to an end to what could have been for I called my other half twice & now I do what you are doing to them. At least I rang & text where as stranger you can’t love them for in this day & age it’s BS not to call them & there’s not a single excuse if you’ve their number or address. I call you out for love should entice you to go to the ends of the earth Before you do what your doing. Whoever you are.

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