• Happy heart’s month!

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    Kyle, happy heart’s month! I’m very pleased to inform you that I have fallen in love with you since the 10th of March 2013, the very first day that I saw you. We had a discussion in our debate which I can still remember that you can’t really judge a person if for him/her it’s already love what he’s/she’s already feeling. When I saw you, I knew nothing until I realized that it was something more, is that what you call love? I’ve never given my love to anyone so easily but somehow you managed to make me.
    I love you. Mahal kita. Gihigugma taka. Saranghaeyo. It may be goddamn hard to blot up the thought that you don’t feel the same but it’s even harder to not admit that whatever I do, I still have completely fallen in love with you. I may be messed up right now but I love you still. I love you and I wouldn’t mind telling you this for a thousand times, feel this shit. I love you without having any second thought and doubts. I love you in every single way. You deserve to be loved and you are worthy to be loved. I love everything about you. I fully accept who you are, I can’t dare to imagine you changing yourself, just don’t, baby. I love you even though you bully me every time lol well I also return the favor anyway and you’ll always end up burning. I love you even when you’re eyebrows will meet because you are mad or just in a bad mood. I love you even on your bad hair days. I love you and I care for you, I actually care for you so much and it’s becoming OA. I love you every single day. I love you even on Mondays and through the rainy days. I love you under the sun and gets soaked under the rain. I love it when we argue. I love it when we hug. I love it when you hold my hand. I love it when you touch my face or vice versa. I love your mole. I love your scar. I love you gaylips. I love your nose. I love your dimples. I sooo love your eyes. I love your butiki-like body. I love the way you talk and the way you laugh. I love it when you’re serious af. I love the way you walk. I love your body language except when you’re being sweet towards other girls. I love the way you stare. There’s just so much more to love. I love you because you are you. I love you when you can’t love yourself. I love you and you are so fucking lucky. I love you to the point that I will do anything just to make you happy even if it means letting you go.
    You have a girlfriend, I know. I’m not planning to destroy your relationship with her but I just really want to say I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus. Is it a crime to say that? Just for now, please, let me. You are my kind of definition of love, Kyle. I love you. This will be the last, thank you for everything. 🙂

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