• To whom I’ve yet to fall in love with.

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    My Dear,

    I wonder about you all the time. Have we met? When will we meet? Will we ever…? I often find my mind wandering, images popping into my head about how you look. I wonder if your eyes are like mine or if they’re completely different. What do you see through those round, glossy globes? Is the moon as bright for you as it is for me? Would you like to paint with me, my dear?

    I’m sorry if you’ve ever found yourself alone and crying, like I have done so many times myself. I’d be there for you if I could, I swear. Do forgive me, for I promise to smother you in hugs and love once we meet. There won’t be a day go by that you won’t feel loved, and I hope the same for me.

    So many days go by, and I yet to have you in my arms. I feel incomplete as I know you, my other half, is out there somewhere. I’ll forever await the day you come to my rescue and save me from the monsters in my head. For now though, to get me through the days, I’ll have to keep wondering.

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