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    You know everyone has those voices they jabber All day long everyday…. The person that stays busy learns to not pay attention to the voices or gets to where they Just tune them out! In your case you are alone with your voices and your anxiety makes you focus on them! Then it starts to get where your reality is confused! Panic sets in and you focus on your fears! I know exactly what your going through! Your brain makes chemicals in simple terms you have a happy chemical, mad chemical, and a protection “flight” mode chemical! Because your body isn’t producing the happy chemical your brain is compensating by over producing the protection, mad chemicals! This is a very common situation and I understand it all so well! I wouldn’t lie to you! I have been there! It does take help to get out of the cycle! I want to help you! I know you feel alone, fear, confused on reality, paranoia! Believe it or not you show signs of a healthy brain! Your body seems to be making all those chemicals just fine! The happy chemical is missing! That’s normal when life changes happens and depression kicks in! I took Paxil for 2 years….i took xanex for awhile but coming off of that seemed to make it worse so I laid off that! It’s not your fault your where your at! If we get together I promise your happy chemical will produce some and you Will see that things aren’t as bad as they seem! But staying by yourself all the time isn’t the answer! I can help you through this! Im not a know it all I’ve just been there! So has 65% of the world’s population…..

    Love to the core

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    1. Ashley
      February 6, 2016 at 1:45 am

      Wow! This sounds like it could have been written for me. Are you a guy or woman? Just curious. I’ve stopped writing letters on here, because I gave up hope of him ever being on this site, but I still come here to read. I had to respond to this one cause only he would say something like this. Then again my senses kick in and I have to remember that the chances of him being on this site or one in a million, so I’m back to having no hope. Hope you’re significant one will find you.


    2. @Author
      February 7, 2016 at 3:40 pm

      This man does that you’ve made me realise. I’ve seen & still do medical professionals yet I refuse to take any drug for they turn me into a zombie, I become very balanced but neither happy nor sad, emotionless in a sense & I would rather have feelings/emotions than go through life cruising along not caring about anything is wrong or right just being. To hear this is something that makes me reconsider everything. I don’t want to be by myself & that’s why I have held on in hope & done so much to rekindle the flame I have kept aflame?


    3. To You
      February 8, 2016 at 8:58 am

      Just know that when your brain over makes a chemical, its hard for it to balance out on its own. Medication can be good for awhile even if it is just temp. Even if it puts you in a zombie state. Its got to be better than all the fear,depression and paranoia. Then put yourself around people that make you happy. I’m sure they would understand. Then slowly step down off the medication. If I had a friend like this I would 100% understand and try and be a positive energy in their life.




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