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    Where to start? I was going to sit here and write a letter saying what it is that I like about you. I’m not a poet or a writer of books, but still I find myself with writers block on how to express what I like about you. Not because of a lack of qualities, but because it’s the first time I’ve ever felt this way about another. You’re a deep Soul, you feel so deeply, your writings are beautiful, it’s a quality I wish I had! I love to paint, but I have yet to paint something as beautiful with my brush as you have with the pen. Your hard headed,you know what you like/want. Your stubbornness keeps ME on my toes. You’ve been hurt a lot in life, but you Love yourself enough to protect yourself,you go to great lengths to protect yourself. Your laughter is healing. I love to make people laugh. I’ve made a lot of people laugh, but when I hear your laugh it’s music to my soul. It just makes something in ME feel complete. You don’t Just trust anyone but I find myself on a quest, a quest for your trust. I have never worried about people trusting me, but for some reason it’s a big deal to me to obtain your trust, well because I truly love you! Your trust is that of pure gold to me. I feel like a gold minor looking for the load of pure gold. Your a book I never want to end. Your chapters just keep getting better and better as I read. Just when I think I might have you figured out, something is thrown into the plot that makes me more intrigued. Makes me want to keep reading! Even when we hit a point where I know the ending of the story, your a book I would want to read over and over…. If I had to sum you up in a few of words they would be …. She is so tender but yet tough… You’re absolutely gorgeous down to the little bitty scar on your forehead. I could sit here and write about you all day. I know this letter is choppy and long winded but it’s only one page of many I have about you! I wanted to throw in some dislikes but honestly I just don’t have any. What others think as your Faults I only see as part of your beauty and self complexity. There is absolutely nothing I would change about you. I could sit here and say that I would change what you thought of yourself but that would be a lie. The way you think of yourself is Part of your tender side maybe someday that Will transfer to the tough side! But if that never happens then just know I want to be there to nurture that that tender side! I do accept all of who you are! I looooove you soooo much.

    Your girl

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