• My promise to you

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    It took me three months before I could work up the nerve to talk to you. Luckily for me I had an excuse to do so and it’s like a fire was lit between us. Everything happened so fast and the other factors that should have kept us apart didn’t matter.

    Before we knew it we had fallen in love. We had the promises of forever and the dreams we shared together. We couldn’t even spend a day apart without both breaking a little. When you asked me to be yours…I couldn’t have pictured a better way to have been asked.

    Fast forward to today. We have been through graduations, job changes, moving in and family drama. How did it all fall apart? When did our dream fall apart? We said always and forever. I thought this year we’d be engaged. Next year married. I know this wasn’t expected and it was out of our control. There wasn’t any other option according to you. I believed that. I knew that. We had tried for months to help you get past the circumstances and nothing worked.

    Thanks to my friend and my mother I have it now worked in my head that I just wasn’t enough for you. I wasn’t enough for you to want to stay and fight. You have told me it was never that. I guess I just want to know why couldn’t you pick me? Why couldn’t my love be enough? I hope when you find answers and get past this we can find our way back. I believe we belong together. I don’t break promises. I will always keep my promise…always and forever.

    I miss you and I love you. It hasn’t faded as each day goes by but somehow seems to grow more everyday. When things get better please remember our dream. Until then remember even if you can’t see me remember I’m always here for you. I love you with all my heart handsome.

    No goodbyes…only see you laters. Your promise to me. Please don’t break it.

    -your girl always

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      February 3, 2016 at 5:47 am

      I could imagine this was written by the woman I love just for me. Words that are so familiar, Tho its too perfect. This song you sing is everything that i want to here! As if i had written to myself. I believe we once had this kind of connection, where our souls speak to each other, but it was lost long ago. If it still existed she would know how lost i am without her and i wouldnt be sitting here alone. She would have come and saved me from myself and my self destruction.
      I must thank you tho for re igniting a little flame of hope. A spark of happiness that one day i may wake up to a knock at the door, only to find Georgia and her most gorgeous smile standing there, arms streched out waiting for the biggest hug just to sooth my broken heart troubled soul.
      Thank You




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