• to You

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    I’m tired of words! I want to show you how much! The saying goes like this:”you can talk a good talk!, but can you walk that Good talk”?
    I haven’t loved this way before! You are the first! I don’t know how it happened but it did! I hate the thought of you not in my life even as Just a best friend! I can’t explain in words the way I feel for you but I can say it runs deep down to the core of me! I think your perfect! I wouldn’t change one thing about you! But if I had one wish and one wish was all I got, I wouldn’t use it on me! I would use it on you! My wish would be that you saw in You what I see in you! I wouldn’t hurt you! Life is easier when you have someone (so be it just a best friend) to walk the high/low roads with! That Will always be there for you and never leave! Who knows what could come of us! But WE would have to try! Not push away! I could never be with another woman! Your it! That’s a promise

    Love, To the core

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