• To My Sweet Peach

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    I lied.
    That’s what cheaters do,
    we lie.
    I lied when I said “The next time we meet will be by coincidence.”
    I lied; when I said “We will smile and nod and pass each other silently”,
    we could never be “strangers who once were friends.”

    The truth is that I want more, The truth is I want you.
    With her I have calm, I want you for fervor.
    With her I have life, I want you for breath.

    So what if i am greedy, wanting more when I have much
    So what if I am greedy, wanting to live when I have life.

    My life is dark, in truth I feel she’s lost,
    and your light is bright as it rages and blazes
    in unabating fervor. Quickening my breath,
    racing my heart and the blood in my veins

    Though I will miss her calm, I will miss her life.
    I am young right now and living should blaze.

    The truth is that I want you,
    To be my strawberry flavoured, chocolate covered peach
    once more

    – Dha Dha

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    To My Sweet Peach

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    3 Responses to To My Sweet Peach

    1. Comparison
      February 1, 2016 at 9:24 pm

      She has this but you have that. And I like that better. So that is what I need.
      2 weeks later….
      (Or months or years- because great love defies time)
      You used to do that so good. And then you stopped. You don’t love me anymore. And she who was lost so many ago has found her light again and since you don’t do that anymore you have pushed my love to a black hole and she is the one with the light to guide me back to her love. So she is what I need.
      But if she runs out of batteries on a day that isn’t related to hormones…
      Please know.
      I shall find you again my sweet peach…


    2. Agree with comparison
      March 27, 2016 at 7:57 pm

      Haha, true … Excitement and passion once you know you have won the battle it transforms in time . what u have in hand is precious and real. Others are just an illusion, that u make up based on assumptions .



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