• you guys sucked, fuck you

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    Dear ####, #####, ##### and other women I have forgotten the names to.

    I finally read your class evaluations of me as a professor. I wanted to address a few false accusations that I read and clarify some things for each of you.

    It was obvious you as a wolf pack worked together to write negative review of me. Maybe in hopes of getting me fired, maybe as a reflection of who you are as people, petty, small minded and uncreative. I hope following a leader and each other gives you the uncreative, unique results that you actually deserve.

    Was it my best semester of teaching, no. Did I try my best yes, did I have many other things going on at the time, yes, did I get paid enough to deal with you as people, no. Were you my favorite students, not even close? In fact the only one I saw real talent in, really uniqueness and real possibility dropped out of the program to follow her own unique heart. Not really surprising to be honest.

    First off, I am a good teacher, I know this, have been told this and despite your best efforts I actually got hired back 2 more times, hmm, must not have sucked that much, must not be such a horrible person, teacher.

    Do I know some things, yes, I do. Am I perfect, no I am not. Am I myself learning as a human and pushing myself, yes I am. Did I make a mistake by letting you see this human side of me, yes I most definitely did.

    You were wrong about one thing, I was excited to teach there on my first day, I don’t ever remember being late, so thanks for making that up.

    Did I choose favorites, I did. I choose the students who pushed themselves, who were open minded and brought their own ideas and openness to the table. I guess it turns out I should have just had 1 favorite student because 6 of you choose to be very cruel, both personally and professionally.

    Was I teaching because I had a struggling business, nope? I was teaching because prior to teaching you guys I really enjoyed teaching. I enjoyed working with students who were nice and enjoyed actually learning and working hard. Sounds like you guys already knew the answers. Maybe you could have skipped $50,000 dollars in debt and got a job as secretaries or worked at you mom and dads firm that will be handed to you, or been a military wife turned house wife. Maybe that will better suite you. Or be the kind of suck up that does what they think other people want but never coming up with there own ideas.

    I am sorry you choose to focus on all the negative, like that time I struggled teaching you perspective, or that time non of you were listening to me and said the wrong thing. Funny how you actually tried to throw me under the bus that day and then said that I did, no I apologized and then the next class clarified for all of you and worked hard to make sure you actually understood what you all got wrong.

    I am not awkward I am human; honestly you were very lucky to have me as a professor. No one else at that school has the creative mind and problem solving that
    I do. Very few of them have worked in the real world with real clients in a long time, very long time. No one else will push you to have original thoughts like I did, speak design language like I did.

    Good luck looking through your pinterest pages for recycled ideas, good luck picking fabric samples for other people or more likely yourself when it becomes clear you are horrible to work with.

    Did I teach you how to use tools, yes, did I use your materials you fucking bet I did, guess how much I got paid out of all your tuition, not fucking much so fuck all of you I used your trace paper.

    Did I ask you to get up sometimes so I could work on your drawing, yep, guess what I am not ### or ##### that’s how I learn? I would suggest you conquer and stick up for your own way of learning and fucking speak up when its not being matched.

    Did I ask you to come to class prepared, fuck ya, did I ask you to meet me half way, fuck ya. Did I favor the students who fucking tried, yep.

    Did I give you an A because you wanted one, nope.

    The evaluation was a huge reflection but actually a huge reflection on you as people, as closed minded students who focused only on the negative, sorry you didn’t learn shit but mostly sorry you waited 10 weeks to speak up and then just bitch about it behind my back. That way of taking control will serve you super well in the future. Guess what, I went to a real architecture school, with real critiques and was really left to meet my professors half way, I taught myself so much, you know why because that’s really how you learn, that’s how the real world is and that how smart, creative, hard working people work.

    You were all horrible, I didn’t enjoy seeing you in the hallway this past year, I sure as fuck was not going to teach you again for $2000. You lost respect for me, who gives a fuck, I never had respect for you, the first tear, the first missed assignment, the first frustrated sigh, the first aggravated critique, the first cheating with sketch up, you could have and you should have spoken up. That was not my job to read your mind or even ask. I have worked with many students, many talented, confused, distracted, non-talented but hard working students and all of them will be more successful then you. Except for you ####, you are all set, congrats. Oh and #####, congrats that your husband is rich, that’s awesome for you that will come in handy. #####, don’t really remember. And the other one who’s name I can’t remember, good luck always trying to appease instead of having your own ideas. OH and guess what you choose to miss school because of a pre-determined vacation not my problem. I am glad you got an A- because actually that is what you deserved and the kind of work you did.

    I hope to never meet, teach or work with women like you again in my life. Separately I am stronger then you but in a wolf pack of people I don’t care to participate. You do need each other because alone you are super weak and will be that way after school unless you start a design firm called “bitch cult”

    Fuck off, love your awesome, you were so lucky to have professor, fuck the fuck off!

    Oh, and the school you attend is actually a joke, good luck with finishing before it closes its doors on you! You never would have gotten into a real design school, trust me, never. And if you did they would have reformed your thinking and you most likely would have dropped out.

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    1. anony
      January 2, 2016 at 8:02 pm

      you know, for a teacher, you could stand to learn a few things yourself. you sound like a raving lunatic, you really do need professional help. i hope you get it… and i hope you get over yourself. sick of teachers like you, power hungry and full of self-pity.

    2. anon
      January 3, 2016 at 8:01 pm

      Wow. I never knew that teachers took those critiques so personally…that was a long mwissive. Most professors just brush it off, they have the control on the final grade and screw any student that complains.

      I’m still going WOW over that rant. Makes me want to watch “The election” again. Maybe you should right a screen play on the “bitch cult” 🙂

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