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    Joseph W.
    Allow me to introduce myself. I’m one of God knows how many unwanted children you sired, like an Angus bull. you abandoned me, you broke my nose, you told me private things about your marriage to my mother. you were out screwing other women every weekend, at least, and left me home alone with a sick, disabled sister and 3 little brothers. It was Winter time and you thought heat was being wasted on your children so you installed a cage, screwed to the wall, over the thermometer, so we couldn’t raise it to a level where life was bearable. my crippled sister laid in her bed shivering, you fuck. and my brother had pneumonia 7 or 8 times before he got to high school. I had rheumatic fever twice. and god knows how many other illnesses you caused by leaving your children freezing in a poorly insulated farmhouse in Illinois. of course, you had your oldsmobiles, your fine suits, your so-called business dinners, and your vacations on which you did not take my mother or any of your children. I washed your fine stockings by hand in the bath tub and hung them to dry for you, while I went around in the same pair of shoes for two years in a row. it was ten years before I got any sensation back on the top of my right foot.i want to remind you of the many times you humiliated and abused my mother, making fun of her weight, her hair style, anything you could think of to make her feel worse. She carried at least 11 babies for you, full term, and was not even clinically obese. THEN you turn around, after the divorce and marry a mistress you’d had for decades, a woman who outweighed my mother by a good 50 pounds, and who painted her face up like some kind of clown. I made it possible for you to be together, those years when Mom was working nights at the hospital and you were out catting around, leaving your children to fend for themselves. Imagine the fear I went thru, the special care my sister required, our distance from emergency assistance of any kind. Imagine my nightmares from dressing a wound that you caused with your drunk driving and bashing into a ditch. There are many stories I could tell about you Joseph Walter. your crimes against your own wife and children were Legion. you’ve been dead for a few years now. I wasn’t in attendance, but I don’t imagine much of this was mentioned in your obituary. But many of us remember how you really were, As I said to you the last time we spoke, I don’t hate you Dad. I just wonder if you ever reflect on the things that you did and have regrets. I was Marushka. your youngest (of record) daughter.

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    1. M. Drishell
      February 17, 2016 at 11:54 am

      Jane M. I dare you to say that even one word of this account is untrue. as for leap52, all I wanted that day at the Skunk River was for you to take responsibility for what you did to me and at least say you were sorry. it’s all I wanted from you, Jane. Instead, you grabbed your purse from where we were watching the river and RAN back to your car to head back to Illinois. There is one thing about you that I do like, and that’s Larry. Good choice there. I bet he doesn’t know what you did to me. Dear sister, God saw everything. You will face Him one day. There won’t be a car for you to runaway in on that day, will there?



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