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    by  • November 18, 2015 • To You • 0 Comments

    when you see your life totally stopped and you dream to find me again .. i will be already married soon, and you will know what i meant to you when you see another girl replaced you, believe me the dirt and the mood of craziness what you living in it will not last long because the sky will send to you the worst men what will make you cry hard to death.. i wish you never see comfort or love the rest of your life same as you did to me. i carried a lot of shit from you and i kept silent, you cheated, you lied, you hooked with others, you acting polite, but no one know you have another face except me only i would rather Say it clear .. i swear by whole the universe power you will come kneeling to me and no its not dream .. but i will do with you what you deserve it happen to you .. i will make you famous everywhere everyone will know how’s your hooking skills look like .. your new bf is my friend bitch he knew what you done by proofs and he said what you were trying with him this is just the first slap on your face .. the 2nd slap on your face is he wanted to revenge from you but i stopped him and the 3rd slap is he will be a business partner with me soon thanks for let me meet a good brother and good best friend … i will leave you for god mercy i will marry to cut off all connections between you and me by the way your new bf he have new gf too i know her well and he deserves her … you cheated on 2 good men and those 2 men today united against your fucking blue poison .

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